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Web Analytics and Reporting

We at Kodewit believe that a successful marketing strategy is hinged on data. To harness the power of user data and to generate sustainable value, we invest our efforts to understand the numbers through constant analysis in order to gain fresh perspective on current and potential customers.

Our Focus.

Web analytics and Reporting is an art which gives you the power to predict potential customers and new buyer insights. Our Web analytics and Reporting strategies helps your brand to take a structured approach for tackling two key challenges: new product launch, and ongoing category management and growth. We help you stay ahead of anticipated changes in consumer demand and market structure, while focusing on driving sales and profitability in your existing portfolios and markets.

Thanks for your team - Well defined Web analytics and Reporting strategies and timely dignosis of new Business oppurtunities.
Sunny Gupta - CEO at FoodMonks
Why choose us

We give your data a voice.

Massaging the insightful data using Web Analytics and Reporting discovers Customer trends and new Business oppurtunities.

Predictive Analytics

Our Predictive Web Analytics mechanisms allows you to predict which companies or individuals would be your best target customers. And which marketing method will generate best results.

Data interpretation & custom reporting

We create a data bank which has all the information which includes website data, social media network data, and CRM tool data. Our Web Analytics methods then brain storm on bounce rate, time on site, and pages per session to top search terms, landing pages, and user flow to bring out an idea to generate immediate ROI's.

Customer Insight

Given the Web analytics and insight,we spot opportunities in the data that lend themselves to campaigns or other marketing action. We look to stay relevant with appropriate messages reaching the customer at the right time, long tail event triggered campaigns, campaigns that focus on relevance.

Customer Analytics

Customer Intelligence

  • We identify the target customers for yoru business early in the brand life cycle.
  • Once your customer is on-board we make sure we have the strategies to cross sell.

Digital Intelligence

  • Web Analytics and reporting is equally important for you and your clients to understand and monitor digital footprint.
  • Our Web Analytics team works smartly to predict traffic intent and provides personalized digital experience.
  • We lay heavy emphasis upon Social Media Intelligence to figure out Customer emotions and buyer trends. By doing so we ensure that you receive timely feedbacks which plays a vital role to maintain customer loyalty.